It’s A Dog’s Life

Fame AND a Job–what more could you want for your precious pooch. Well, both are possible with our Bolton Free Library’s “Honorable Mayor” Fundraiser. For a mere $10 donation, your dog can be entered to win the position of” Honorable Mayor” of Bolton Landing, for one whole year. This honor would include a star role in the Memorial Day Parade. It will also include important duties such as inspecting fire hydrants, establishing a dog park, walking the town, looking for treats, etc.

To enter your dog, simply send your name and contact info, plus a photo and a humorous bio of him or her to:
Bolton Free Library
PO Box 389
Bolton Landing, NY 12814

Judges will be the Honorable Kate Persons and Ron Conover. They will not know the name of the dog’s owner. Entries must be received before May 12,2021. The winner will be announced on May 14, 2021. Please call the Library–518 644 2233 if you have questions.
And of course, pets belonging to employees and trustees of the library cannot compete. I have included a picture of my Zoey, so you can see why my dogs cannot compete.

Hope your pooch gets the “wagging rights”!